Registration in affiliate programm

Well, to make your own casino you are to register in a system at first. You should enter your e-mail address and pass, which will be used further. Continue reading

Implementing of stats counter

Stats counter is a very important application for your online casino. It can either show the traffic or collect statistics of players’ geography, which allows you to know where the person came from. The counter also gives you info about the country, links from other sites, key words and other info.

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How to make a site with automatically fulfilled content

Let’s talk about the easiest way of site creation with automatically updated unique content written by users! In fact, it’s WEB 2.0, i.e. visitors create the content of the site themselves. Continue reading

Change content of your casino

When you work with search engines, it’s very important for you to create a web-page with the unique content.

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Social networks: get traffic on your casino! List of social network services

            Using bookmark services is one of the easiest ways to get traffic. These services are also known as social networks, such as Digg, Reddit, Propeller. There are many users in such services, who establish a community. Community is a site, where people place links to interesting resources and news. Often it is a short description and a link to full article. You can use it to improve traffic of your casino site!

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This time we will tell you about satellites. Satellites are small particular thematic sites which help us to get a traffic. They look like a site of 10-30 pages with unique content. Using satellites it is possible to bring out to the top any sites!

For example, we promote the main casino portal. So we can divide it into parts: roulette, poker and etc. Exactly these separate thematic sites will be called satellites, because there we set banners and links to the main game website. Therefore, there is a rise of the main website in search result!

Let’s re-link the satellites, in other words, we will put on each of them 2 links to other sites and so on circle. All of them link to the main site. So, what we get:

1. Visitors from search engines, social network, etc.
2. Links on the main site and Google PR leading to it as a result.

Where to take content for satellites? Content created by yourself is better, for example, let satellite ?1 be about poker, so write there everything about poker – history, kinds, players, any information about the audience, and so on. And of course put links and banners on the main casino site. You shouldn’t just copy data from other resources. The whole work on search optimization is the same as for ordinary site – news and article submission, link exchange and link purchase.