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One of the most profitable ways to earn money in Internet is online casino. Many people play in Internet and sometimes online bets are equel to offline ones. How can you get benefit from this? Of course, you can send traffic to your partner by the ref_id, but it’s much more useful to establish your OWN casino! It’s better to work for yourself, and GamblingBuilder partner program allows to make it!

You can change content of your site, which will get you more search engine traffic. You can get links from other sites to yours and completely manage their activity. Also your own casino is a brand, which you can operate! If it is famous, you will receive more players than your opponents. Online casinos are more profitable than offline ones, as you don’t bear costs, for example, for the place to stay, salaries and other. You can’t deny that offline casino as well as all the gambling market is one of the most profitable businesses!

To create an online casino engine you need a staff of programmers, developers and managers. It’s not the way we go, so let’s speak about well known online casino partner programm, which offer ready casino script with your own domain name! You don’t need to understand technical details for installing and configuring casino engine – everything is already done!

At first, you need to register in a programm. As you know, domain names are not free. So, after registration you need to spend 10$ for domain, where online casino will be established, for example, with e-gold payment system. It’s the 1st variant. Here you’ll get 30% from the casino profit. There’s also another variant: for 500$ you’ll get 50% from the casino profit.

There are some other features of GamblingBuilder partner programm:

1. All games made in Flash, which allows you to play without downloading programms.

2. There are demo-games without real bets.

3. Payment systems are E-gold, Webmoney, E-bullion

4. Money can be payed at once

5. Affiliate program with 15% commissions

6. A lot of promo-materials and casino designs

7. Multilingual platform (English and Russian languages)

P.S. Converting of casino traffic on your own site is more profitable than sending it to PPC, because you will get bookmarkers, which will return to play on your site again and again. So, don’t waste time, open your own online casino!

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