How to choose a good name for your casino?

They say the way you call your boat – like that it will float. The same is with the name of the casino site and its domain name. If your domain has a beautiful name and is also easy to remember, you will not want to change it after you unwind it. Of course you can change it, because technically it’s not difficult, but you’ll have to warn all users. People get used to go on the site, and don’t like to found themselves on the other one. At least they will be wary of the new site if they are not warned. The change of design, logo or domain is not always welcomed. Another aspect of domain change is the search engines. It is unknown how long it will take to search engine to rebuild their search results from the old domain to the new one after the change of domain name and customize right redirect settings. Be ready to lose some traffic from search engines while changing the domain.

So how to pick the nice name for your casino? It’s obvious that there are billions in the gambling industry and many people want to get a “piece of this cake”. Domains related to this subject are not only registered for the opening of its online casino, but cybersquatters do not sleep either, they register domains for resale.

First you need to decide in which language you are promoting your casino. If you settle your casino only for one country (or several countries, speaking the same language), you probably should choose a domain from the words of this language. If you plan multilingual casino, then you better choose the words for the domain in English and some nice words that do not mean anything special. Just be careful, because in the end, these words could mean something negative. Therefore, use to check the value and meaning of words in different languages.

If you still can’t to come up with a good domain for a casino, you can use the service for the selection of domain names.

  • One of them is – where you can play around with the settings and there’s a chance it will generate you a suitable domain. If you do not like anything with the word “casino” then use words associated to it – gambling, lucky, fortune, chance, venture, winner, prize, bet, wager, gold, profit, etc.
  • Service – the site where you just describe your needs and requirements for the domain, then make payment (and if you do not like either one of the options, they will return your money) and then you begin to get the options domain that offer contributors (contributor – the person who comes up with the domain name for your search. He will get a percentage of your pay if you pick his variant). You only have to choose from the suggested domains that one you like the most (the service automatically checks itself for employment domain).

Also when choosing a domain you’ll face an issue. It is a domain zone. As we know states change their laws against gambling and casinos in particular, that’s why it is risky to take a domain in one of the national zones. We recommend you to stay in the zone .com or .net and your sleep will be peaceful!

Once you have finally chosen a domain name, the affiliate program GamblingBuilder takes care of the work of your casino. In our blog you can find and read the instructions for registering and creating of your casino. Also, our blog has articles about online casino promotion – read them, then promote and earn money!

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