Implementing of stats counter

Stats counter is a very important application for your online casino. It can either show the traffic or collect statistics of players’ geography, which allows you to know where the person came from. The counter also gives you info about the country, links from other sites, key words and other info.

It’s an essential marketing tool used to optimize and develop your casino. First, you should register in a stats system, as Google Analytics, for example, and get HTML-code, which should be implemented on your web site.

Go to casino Control Board, choose “Stats counter”, choose the casino, paste the code of the counter in “Stats counter” field and click “Update”. Ready! Now you can view the statistics of hits.

Lurking of the links to your casino can be very useful. This will allow you to attract more players, because you may make the same efforts to promote your casino in several resources, but the visitors will come just from one of them. With the help of statistics, you will see where exactly people come from.

Geography of the players is as important as the links they use to come to your site. You can view the list of the countries and place links to your casino on the regional sites of such countries.

Such counters as Google Analytics are invisible for the players and do not cause any discomfort. On the other side stats counters are most effective marketing tools, which will help attract more visitors to your casino.

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