How to choose a good name for your casino?

They say the way you call your boat – like that it will float. The same is with the name of the casino site and its domain name. If your domain has a beautiful name and is also easy to remember, you will not want to change it after you unwind it. Of course you can change it, because technically it’s not difficult, but you’ll have to warn all users. People get used to go on the site, and don’t like to found themselves on the other one. At least they will be wary of the new site if they are not warned. The change of design, logo or domain is not always welcomed. Another aspect of domain change is the search engines. It is unknown how long it will take to search engine to rebuild their search results from the old domain to the new one after the change of domain name and customize right redirect settings. Be ready to lose some traffic from search engines while changing the domain. Continue reading

Registration in affiliate programm

Well, to make your own casino you are to register in a system at first. You should enter your e-mail address and pass, which will be used further. Continue reading

Implementing of stats counter

Stats counter is a very important application for your online casino. It can either show the traffic or collect statistics of players’ geography, which allows you to know where the person came from. The counter also gives you info about the country, links from other sites, key words and other info.

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Change content of your casino

When you work with search engines, it’s very important for you to create a web-page with the unique content.

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