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Online casino on the regional markets

When you start your affiliate way, you usually focus only on one language, depending on where you live and what language you speak. But suddenly you start thinking of passing to the international level. The same was with the casino of affiliate program GamblingBuilder when they were only for two groups of people: English and Russian speakers. Soon GamblingBuilder affiliate online casino will be in many other languages. Thus, our partners will get the opportunity to work in different online gambling local markets. We want to prepare our partners in advance so they could be ready to enter the international level. Continue reading

What is the use of the button Google +1?

Nowadays we can see how many sites have buttons Google +1 and people even click on them. And those who have not put a button on the Google yet think about to put it on their websites.
But the most important question is: will Google +1 button help improve the position in the search and get more traffic? We will return to this question later, but for now let’s take a look at the changes in Google. Continue reading

5 tips how to use Twitter for SEO

How to improve SEO and get more traffic? Think about Twitter!

Nowadays Twitter is the most popular microblogging service in the world. Tweet is a message of 140 characters that people write there. They tweet about everything – what they are doing, eating at the moment, their thoughts on topics they care about.
It is new, popular and exciting. In the beginning the meaning of such things as “followers”, “replies” and “retweets,” is a little unclear, but when you get into it, it becomes funny and addicting.

Have you launched a new partnership of GamblingBuilder casino or an affiliate casino site? Do not sit and wait for the traffic. Get a Twitter account, follow people who are interested in your topic, tell them about your new website, answer their questions. If you’re doing everything right you will get the readers and it would be helpful for SEO.

There are five tips that will help you understand how to use twitter: Continue reading

8 the most frequent online casino affiliaters’ mistakes and the way to fix them

Many online casinos affiliaters (members of GamblingBuilder) make mistakes that can be avoided. These mistakes can cost you traffic or prevent from the best way to use it and result its lower conversion. Some common mistakes are made by the beginners who are starting to make their first gambling site. Other errors are made by affiliaters who already know a lot about online casinos, but they continue to do some things wrong, which inhibits their development.
Below you can find 8 main mistakes affiliaters make. If you will see some of yours there, read this article till the end and you will understand how to make your site better and earn more commissions in a result. Continue reading

6 steps to earn six-figure amounts on your online casino

Online gambling market is one of the fast growing segments of the gambling industry. The total amount of online gambling global market is 21 billions of dollars, by the end of 2012 this amount will be about 30 billions – this data is estimated by analytical agency “H2 Gambling Capital”.

This is a great opportunity for online casino affiliaters to earn. You do not need seed money to start, all you need is a computer and internet access. Who are those affiliaters? They are the members of partner programs of online casinos, who receive a commission for bringing new players in online casinos. The fee depends on the payment structure of the online casinos. Some casino owners are paying partners a fixed amount for each registration. Others pay a percentage of players losing to their casinos. GamblingBuilder affiliate program pays affiliaters 40% of the losing bets of players involved in your casino. Such large payments make participation in the affiliate program be more profitable. Continue reading

Satellite – the catalog of sites for casino promotion

In one of the our first articles about satellites we were talking about their meaning and the way to use them for your casino promotion. Now we are going to consider an example of the similar site using an example of a satellite site directory. Continue reading

2 new payment systems and attraction of players.

Recently we have begun to work with 2 new payment systems: PerfectMoney and AlterGold. Both of them are an excellent addition to almost departed e-Gold system. And now you, as a casino manager, should self-optimize attempts in such a queries, and add yourself to different directories, which are working with this payment system ( our list of directories you can find here). Also you can create your own similar directories and make site-satellites. We consider to add some more payment systems. Good luck in advance!

The list of directories to add casino.

As you know from the article Free methods of casino promotion, your website can be added to
different directories. And if there are thousands of ordinary directories in the internet (to watch details and even order an addition to these directories you can, for example in a special category on, but the number of thematic directories (just casino directories or payment systems directories) is not high, and lists of such resources are published nowhere . Below, you will find the first variant of directory selection (totally 28) of different payment systems (e-gold, altergold, libertyreserve and etc.).

Continue reading

Free methods of casino promotion – part two

In article Free methods of casino promotion – part one we have discussed some strategies of casino promotion (or site) which absolutely do not need money deposit from you. That means they are available for everyone. In this article we hope to introduce one more strategy which is also free but it gives opportunity to earn some extra money!

Continue reading