How much can you earn in the affiliate program GamblingBuilder?
You get 40% of the profits of your casino. Profit of casino composes of 3% of all lost players bets, and the remaining 97% are used to pay winning players (otherwise players would never have won.) Your profit is calculated exactly from this casino profits (3% of lost bets). Thus your profit = 3% * 40% = 1.2% of all bets in the casino. GamblingBuilder.com company pays out all winning players without any deductions from your income. There are no any payments restrictions to webmasters, your earnings depend only on you.

How long I will be able to get the profit from attracted players in my casino?
The player is forever tied to your account. You get the profit from the players without time restrictions.

What advertising and promotional materials are available in your affiliate program?
There are banners in the control panel that attract players to the casino, and banners attracting webmasters to participate in our affiliate program.

Do you have technical support?
We have a Webmasters partners support service. We also care about the players of your casino.

When can I withdraw my earned money?
You can withdraw your money whenever you want. Cashing is instant.

What are the ways the players can fill up their casino account?
Players can choose between several payment systems. We follow the list of available payment systems and add new relevant payment system.

Do you have a referral system?
Yes, you can attract webmasters to participate in our affiliate program and you’ll get 10% of their earnings of their online casino.

What kind of statistics do you provide?
The control partner panel shows daily details on borrowed players and your earnings. Statistics updates in real time.

How can I get the latest partner’s program news?
The control panel has the option to subscribe to news affiliate program. We use the same way to run partner’s blog where you can find interesting information on casino promotion.

How can I advertise my casino?
You can use any legal ways like progress on the forums, social networks, blogs, banner advertising networks and other ways of online advertising.

What is the minimum amount of my earnings cash-out?
You can withdraw any amount at any time, there are no any restrictions.

Do you do events for affiliates?
Yes, follow our blog and do not forget to subscribe to news for the partners in the control panel.

Can I participate in your program, if I am new in internet business?
Yes, anyone can start participating in our affiliate program.

I do not have $10 to buy the domain for my casino, what can I do?
You can promote one of our casinos, for example www.fortunebeach.com and you’ll receive 15% of earnings from your involved casino players. You can also draw other webmasters to our affiliate program and you will receive 10% of their earnings from the casino.

In my country online casinos are forbidden. Can I participate in an affiliate program?
Yes, you can promote online casinos in the countries where they are legal.

Can I trust you?
Of course you can. Our affiliate program exists in online casinos since 2003. Our reputation is earned through the time. We are trusted by both webmasters and online players casino.

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