5 tips how to use Twitter for SEO

How to improve SEO and get more traffic? Think about Twitter!

Nowadays Twitter is the most popular microblogging service in the world. Tweet is a message of 140 characters that people write there. They tweet about everything – what they are doing, eating at the moment, their thoughts on topics they care about.
It is new, popular and exciting. In the beginning the meaning of such things as “followers”, “replies” and “retweets,” is a little unclear, but when you get into it, it becomes funny and addicting.

Have you launched a new partnership of GamblingBuilder casino or an affiliate casino site? Do not sit and wait for the traffic. Get a Twitter account, follow people who are interested in your topic, tell them about your new website, answer their questions. If you’re doing everything right you will get the readers and it would be helpful for SEO.

There are five tips that will help you understand how to use twitter:

Tip #1: Choose a good nickname.

Select a storage nickname on Twitter, which will match your brand or keywords of your subjects. Your name will be part of the link to your profile form twitter.com /coolsite and part of the URL of your tweets. Search engines index these links, so make sure that nickname won’t be changed.
Choose your nickname right and correctly. It better be short, easy to remember and convenient for tweeting.

Tip #2: Choose a good name.

Think about the Twitter name, it may differ from your nickname. Choose a name that will promote your brand, company, or you. Maybe you should choose the name that could be easily found on search engines.

Tip #3: Use key words to fill the “Bio”

Optimize your “Bio” in your profile. Use important keywords, you can put in front of them the hash tag #. “Bio” is indexed by search engines, so make it relevant to your brand. You have 160 characters to fill this field so use them for the good.

Tip #4: Tell everyone that you have twitter

Have your account set up? Now is the time for its promotion. Add to your site button or a link leading to your Twitter account with the slogan like “Follow me on twitter.” Making your Twitter account visible on the site you give the visitors another opportunity to communicate with you and also all search engines will index your account on the Twitter.

Tip #5: Use keywords in your tweets

Like any other content your tweets are a great place to use the keywords. Think and analyze what keywords in your tweets may appear in the search results. The more traffic your tweets will get, the more traffic your site will get.
One of the mistakes is that webmasters think if in twitter there are links with “nofollow” tag, then twitter doesn’t make any sense. It is not true and the links to tweets affect SEO. Even Google has confirmed this:


It means that search engines are serious about social networking. If you use Twitter as a tool to inform your users about new content on your site, it positively affects your search engine positions, even if the backlinks are not official.

Begin tweeting and get more traffic on your site! Do not forget to Follow our Twitter account @GamblingBuilder and know about all new ways of your online casino promotion!

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