6 steps to earn six-figure amounts on your online casino

Online gambling market is one of the fast growing segments of the gambling industry. The total amount of online gambling global market is 21 billions of dollars, by the end of 2012 this amount will be about 30 billions – this data is estimated by analytical agency “H2 Gambling Capital”.

This is a great opportunity for online casino affiliaters to earn. You do not need seed money to start, all you need is a computer and internet access. Who are those affiliaters? They are the members of partner programs of online casinos, who receive a commission for bringing new players in online casinos. The fee depends on the payment structure of the online casinos. Some casino owners are paying partners a fixed amount for each registration. Others pay a percentage of players losing to their casinos. GamblingBuilder affiliate program pays affiliaters 40% of the losing bets of players involved in your casino. Such large payments make participation in the affiliate program be more profitable.

How the players are redirected to the casino site? Most affiliate programs offer special affiliate links on their casinos sites. GamblingBuilder provides an unique opportunity for partners to send players on an independent domain they can choose themselves. Thus you send players to the site of the casino.

Step 1. Select your niche.

The first step to start earning money in your casino is to choose a niche in which you will work. The most popular casino games are poker, blackjack, slots, roulette and video poker. If you already know how to play one of these games, then choose this particular niche. It gives you the possibility to quickly create more content in this direction than in the direction in which you have insufficient knowledge.

Step 2. Analyse your niche.

To determine whether your niche is competitive, you need to know how to evaluate websites. Site evaluation is basing on the following parameters: Google Page Rank, indexed pages and back links. Google Page Rank is an index, assigning the Google site (calculated by an algorithm, that is not disclosed). The higher the page rank is, the higher the possibility that your page will be higher in Google search results and then you will get more traffic to your online casino.

Indexed pages – the number of pages on your site included in the database search engine (like Google). If your site has a large number of indexed pages, it means there are a lot of content on the site and there will be more chances to get free traffic.

Backlinks are the links leading to your site from other websites. Search engines consider the backlinks as the reason to trust your site. The more backlinks, the more highly pages your online casino will be displayed.

One of the ways to measure these indicators is using SeoQuake. It will let you see the necessary measures of the sites right on Google. If on the first page of results for the requests of your niche you can see websites with a strong performance, you can make a conclusion that the niche is highly competitive and you need a little work to get into the results. If in the results there are the grant feeble sites, then it will not be difficult for you to get into the top-10 results.

Using measuring tools, check the various requests in your niche. A niche can be highly competitive for general search like “poker”, but less competitive for requests like “poker strategy”.

Step 3. Creation of website for your online casino.

Having your niche known and your powerful sides identified, now it’s time to create a website for your online casino. Affiliate program GamblingBuilder provides a unique opportunity to create a online casino site without any technical knowledge required. You do not have to worry about hosting, the choice of CMS (Content Management System) – all the necessary possibilities for filling your casino content are already implemented in our system. It has been already described in our previous article how to add content to your site in the article “Changing the casino content.”

Step 4. Content creation and SEO strategy.

When your site is created and well configured, you need to add content to attract players to your casino and borrowing positions in the search results. Content is probably the most important part of your casino site. Good content is the main base of your SEO strategy. It will provide free traffic from search engines and new visitors will become permanent.

Deciding what content to add to the site, refer to the journals, books and online resources on your topic and find what kind of information is the most popular. Being on the internet look for forums on your topic and analyze what people are asking about the most and what they write.

Another very useful resource is the service “Q&A” (for example http://answers.yahoo.com). Many people use them to get answers to their questions that they can’t find in search engines.

Spend some time making interesting, readable, fast and error free content that will be useful for visitors. Using the Google keyword tool, find key words that people use searching on your topic, and don’t forget to use the same words writing a text to your site to make your site be on TOP on the search engines.

Step 5. Promotion.

When the niche is selected and the site filled with content, you must inform the world about your unique online casino website. First, add your casino in the online directory, we have already mentioned how to do that in the article “List of directories to add a casino.”

Another way to unwind is building relationship with the sites on your topic. Find a few sites in your niche. Contact the webmasters, editors or owners of these sites. Tell them about your casino, about the topics that are similar to your sites and tell that you are interested in posting articles on their website or in a guest post (guest post is written by you with links to your casino and posted on another website).

The last trend in internet marketing is social network. Nowadays Twitter, Facebook are the most popular social networks. These networks have become quickly very well known among the experienced Internet users, and regular Internet users. How can you use these sites as a marketing tool? Create an account on Twitter, post in your profile the link to your online casino. Find people with similar interests and follow them. Post links to your recent article, your thoughts about the industry of online gambling. Create a group in Facebook, invite people with similar interests, make the discussion on your topic and answer questions.

Step 6. Play ahead!

Now you have all the necessary instruments to make money in the affiliate program GamblingBuilder. You know how to choose a niche that will be profitable and not highly competitive. You know how to make your online casino from scratch without any special programming knowledge. You know how to untwist the site and attract more players.

The most important secret to get a high income in affiliate program is a constant learning. Affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general are constantly changing. New profitable niches are constantly appearing and competitive environment for existing markets change. There are always new strategies for the promotion and attraction of visitors to your website. Follow the new articles on our affiliate program blog and stay tuned!

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