8 the most frequent online casino affiliaters’ mistakes and the way to fix them

Many online casinos affiliaters (members of GamblingBuilder) make mistakes that can be avoided. These mistakes can cost you traffic or prevent from the best way to use it and result its lower conversion. Some common mistakes are made by the beginners who are starting to make their first gambling site. Other errors are made by affiliaters who already know a lot about online casinos, but they continue to do some things wrong, which inhibits their development.
Below you can find 8 main mistakes affiliaters make. If you will see some of yours there, read this article till the end and you will understand how to make your site better and earn more commissions in a result.

1. Content copying.
Never copy the content. Many top affiliaters occasionally face their content to be stolen, but it is not difficult to ask your host to close and ban your account. It’s not worth it. Be sure that you have some permission and the right to the content that you spread on your site.

2. Banners and links overload.
Do not make your site be a garbage full of links and banners because your visitors will simply ignore them. It does not mean that banners are not effective at all, but some affiliaters fill the sites with banners thinking and hoping that it will increase the chance that players click on them. This way will not let you earn more money, it will harm the conversion indicator.
Links overload is a bad idea too which is also less clearer. Some affiliaters think that the more links, the more clicks and registrations. This may not only affect your conversion, but have a negative effect on SEO as well.
Many affiliaters spend too much time thinking about how much they will earn and do not think much about their users. If you make a website primarily for users, then you will see results affiliate payment. Read the post on Matt Cutt blog about how many links should be on the page – mattcutts.com/blog/how-many-links-per-page/ Pay attention to his comments and replies.

3. Know your customers.
Many affiliaters deal with the sites related to online casinos but never have played in the casinos themselves. Do you think the visitor will get some useful information on this site? At the same time you do not have to play at the casino for real money to get to know your consumers, but at least you’ll have some idea making the review, and you will know which casino you are promoting.

4. Link strategy
There are affiliaters who make websites with good content, but then forget about it. They are wondering how much will it take to get traffic. The truth is that there’s no chance to be found on any search engine without links. Download and install the toolbar SEOQuake and see how much links top sites have. We recommend you to check and read the various forums on SEO, there are always a lot of useful information.

5. Conversion and call to action.
Conversion is a thing that doesn’t seem to be clear for the beginners, but skilled affiliaters are good at it. On all pages, no matter what is the home page or the one with an overview of the casino, you should be able to explain to visitors how they have got here and what would you want them to do. Of course you want them click on the banner or link and make a deposit! But do your design and layout help it or do they prevent it?
Some affiliaters write posts telling about the casino, but in the end they forget to put a banner or a link that will lead the reader to their casino site. Also, long pages can lose the user who made it to the middle and did not see any action call. You can help the process of conversion by always giving users the opportunity to go wherever they want. Do not confuse them putting banners all around, but know what user makes going to your page.

6. Page optimization.
Some affiliaters do not know what to do when they start working on page optimization. Sometimes SEO seems incomprehensible thing for the novice webmasters and they find it difficult to discover all the information in one place. It is good that top affiliate sites are easy to found on search engines, and you know that they are doing is right, if they are in the tops and you can learn by analyzing them. Separated from their link campaigns, most of these affiliaters do the right things optimizing pages, while others can make many mistakes along the way.
If you want to get in search results by the phrase, ask yourself “Is this really what user wants to see?”. An illustrative example when affiliater writes in the title of the home page “online casino”, when his site is affiliate. Will the user be happy, searching for “online casino”, and coming on this site? If this is not what he was searching for, he would go away from this site immediately. Also, some affiliaters insert the phrase, that does not even appear anywhere in the text of the page.
Google SEO Starter Guide is a good resource for all webmasters http://www.google.com/webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf

7. Old information.
If you do not update your site, you are making a huge mistake. It’s like about the car: if you do not watch your car it will lose its value very quickly (and of course in the end it will cost you money!). Successful affiliaters constantly update content and in terms of SEO it is very good.
Keep working on your website. This is good for users, and the search engines will appreciate it a well.

8. No USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
Most affiliate sites don’t have USP – there is nothing unique that make it be different from competitors. If you offer your users something fresh, new and distinctive, you’ll be one step ahead of 95% affiliate sites.

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