Online casino on the regional markets

When you start your affiliate way, you usually focus only on one language, depending on where you live and what language you speak. But suddenly you start thinking of passing to the international level. The same was with the casino of affiliate program GamblingBuilder when they were only for two groups of people: English and Russian speakers. Soon GamblingBuilder affiliate online casino will be in many other languages. Thus, our partners will get the opportunity to work in different online gambling local markets. We want to prepare our partners in advance so they could be ready to enter the international level.
You speak Spanish? Maybe you know one of the Indian languages? To become a successful international affiliater you need to know different languages and people who know these languages. It is necessary for targeting and successful communication. Don’t be afraid of hiring people who know the language you need to communicate with some particular country. Also don’t forget that the same language may be spoken in different countries. For example Spanish is spoken not only in Spain, but also in Latin America.
When you create a site and search engine optimization – do some research on what search engines are most popular in that region. Not all countries have a leading search engine is Google, for example in Russia number one is Yandex. Mind that if you optimize it for Google, then choose its regional version (for example, in India is not, it is There may be different results for regional engine and You need to get targeted traffic, and not just traffic that will not be converted.
Also it’s important not to forget about the differences in terminology in different countries. For example popular “slot machine” in the U.S. and England, referred to as “fruit machine”. It should be considered when you select keyword phrases under which you will optimize your site. The differences between the audiences in different countries can also be related to such characteristics as age, gender and interests. Keep considering it too.
We have already told you about how to choose a good name for your online casino. Coming to the regional markets, consider taking a domain in the corresponding zone. This will not only increase the chances to be higher in the search results of regional search engines, but the players will trust your site more. Alternatively, you can make a regional version of the site on third-level subdomains (For example for Spain).
Choose the less competitive regions where the online gaming market is developing faster. Come to the countries where you will have a competitive advantages. It’s a good way to increase your chances for success.
Selecting regions and languages in which you are going to use the tools like Google Trends and Google Insights. With their help you will find interesting data with geographic and language information included.
Stay tuned to GamblingBuilder news, casino localization into different languages is already on! If you have some thoughts about the international online gaming market then leave your comment below.

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