Satellite – the catalog of sites for casino promotion

In one of the our first articles about satellites we were talking about their meaning and the way to use them for your casino promotion. Now we are going to consider an example of the similar site using an example of a satellite site directory.

The main feature of our site is that different payment systems as: Web Money, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money will be the directory headings.

In the subdivisions the sites can be classified as:

  • exchange rates,
  • shopping,
  • gambling / casino.

The satellites like this can be performed on almost any free CMS. There are special plug-ins to create a directory site for one of the most popular CMS WordPress:

Choose the appropriate plug-in, install and configure it on your site. Collect the sites to add to the directory. Write a mini-reviews for each site or give this task to copywriter or rewriter. Do not forget to change the default template for your CMS template that fits your future website directory well.
Take a look at the example of this kind of satellite:

Now you need to get incoming links to your catalog from forums, blogs and other sites.

What is the reason the satellites create for? Of course for the promotion of the primary site of Gambling Builder affiliate online casino! So add the banner of your casino on satellite. Arrange the links with the required anchors leading to the relevant page of your casino (we have already mentioned how to add your own pages on the casino site).

Periodically add in your directory the sites with unique description, work on the links and your satellites will successfully do their main task: promotion of your online-casino site.

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