What is the use of the button Google +1?

Nowadays we can see how many sites have buttons Google +1 and people even click on them. And those who have not put a button on the Google yet think about to put it on their websites.
But the most important question is: will Google +1 button help improve the position in the search and get more traffic? We will return to this question later, but for now let’s take a look at the changes in Google.

The Evolution of Google
In the early appearance of Google everybody has been seeing the same results for the same request. For example, if someone searched for “slots”, others saw the same results for this request. The issuance was stable, if do not consider Google Dance updates, when the changes of new links and content went into effect. But then everything changed.
The time of personalized search results has came. When we were moving to the site through the search for a new request, the next time the site was already higher in the results! That is, the issue adjusted so we quickly could find what we wanted.
With the advent of Google Caffeine things have changed again – now all changes in the content and impact of new links appear almost instantaneously. As soon as Google found out about some new link or changes in the content, it immediately started to consider them in its ranking algorithm. It was great because people could find a fresh and important information at the time.
But in recent years, the paradigm has shifted in that direction when we find and share the information between each other. Previously, the Web was a set of individuals, but now we are connected through social networks. We ‘like’ Facebook content, retweet links that are interesting to us – everything is based on the theory that if I am interested in it, then it will be interesting to my friends and my followers.
Through behavioral search and online people behavior Google tracks an enormous amount of data about our personal interests and may aggregate this data to understand the common interests of the people.
Google +1 is more than just a social sharing.

How Google +1 works.
When we click +1 publicly we tell Google that it’s something important for us and for those who are similar to us.
If you have an account on Google or Google Plus and you are logged in, you can see who put a plus on site. It is embedded in the results so it could be seen.
In addition to that you can see some of the sites above the results, if they had been clicked +1 by those who are similar to you. It is assuming that if someone who is like to you likes the site on some search, you’ll like it too. You can not see a +1 of unfamiliar persons, but you can get a benefit from them in the aggregate.

The benefits of Google +1
If you have a partner casino on GamblingBuilder or affiliate site dedicated to the casino, then your players are people who are generally similar to each other. And these people have online friends who share similar interests with them.
But having a +1 button on the website is not enough for people to click on it. As affiliaters, you should be experts in the conversion promoting, because your business depends on it. You should apply the same effort to ensure that people clicked +1 on your site, as well as you do to make people register in the casino.
How? As well as you answer the question “How do I convince a user to trust my casino or affiliate link?” ask yourself the question “How to convince the users to recommend my site to their friends?”
One of the ways is to give informative content, have a good design and the website easy to use. But also you have to do sharing easy to use. Do not hide a +1 button in the bottom of the page where nobody will see it. Put it in a prominent place. Let the user focus on the button and make a call to action.
The more people who clicked +1 on your site, the more people will your site being higher in Google search results and the more relevant traffic you will get.

Do not resist the temptation.
There are already a lot of services by wrapping a +1 vote. Do not deal with them. Bunch of votes are from the bots and they will not bring you the profit, because they are not from real people. In fact, they have a negative impact on the whole algorithm and can postpone your site from your main audience. You’ll get a quick effect in the beginning, but eventually it will be the waste of your money.

If you’ve read this post until the end so you have found it interesting. Now share this information with your friends, click +1!

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