Action – selling casino for $1 instead of $10!!!

We are starting new action. Now casino is not given for free, but we sell it for reduced price – only $1 for casino!!! You can buy it not only for yourself but for example you can buy it for present for your friend or with the purpose of reselling and following earnings!

ATTENTION: updated casino list you may find in comments

Some of casinos have zero profit in the recent year, but the others – nonzero. May be they were luckier )) Process of buying is easy – just send $1 (or more – it depends on how many casino you want to buy) on LibertyReserve U114693 or e-Gold 812986, then write a letter on e-mail: with indication of the account from which you have paid for chosen casino (or several).

We will post the list of remain domains here according to buying of casino, follow the updates. If you have paid, but someone had already bought it before you – do not worry, we can select another one for you or return the money.

When you complete the purchasing, you will get code which you need to activate here and then casino will be yours (or your friend whom you present the code or whom you sell it).

Good luck in business!

One thought on “Action – selling casino for $1 instead of $10!!!

  1. Make haste!
    On 24 of September 2008 we have only 52 casino

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