Completion of the action “Casino for $1″

Action is finished, there is no more casino domains for $1. Thanks you all guys!

And anyone still may to try his skills and luck in the online gambling business at partner program’s website, where it’s possible to select and order any vacant domain name and get the casino placed on it. For you, for $10 per year.

Casino for $1 – action will finish soon!

Because of the soon presentation of a new affiliate program of webmaster attraction, new affiliate program of webmaster attraction, will be finished. But if you don’t want to miss it and get your online casino only for $1, you are short of time: the list of free casinos left in action you can find in the comments to the article Action – selling casino for $1 instead of $10!!!
Hurry up!

Attract a webmaster and get 10% of his profit.

There have always been benefits for attraction of webmaster in online casino affiliate program from GamblingBuilder. But how we were surprised when we have found out the ridiculously small sum of these benefits – just $1.5!!! Yes, 5 years ago when we only started our affiliate program, it was up to date. But not now.

That is why it was decided to change such situation cardinally. And nowadays new improved version of the webmaster attracting program is in a process – you will get 10% of each attracted webmaster’s benefit from all his casinos for life!!! It will happen soon!

Stay with us!

2 new payment systems and attraction of players.

Recently we have begun to work with 2 new payment systems: PerfectMoney and AlterGold. Both of them are an excellent addition to almost departed e-Gold system. And now you, as a casino manager, should self-optimize attempts in such a queries, and add yourself to different directories, which are working with this payment system ( our list of directories you can find here). Also you can create your own similar directories and make site-satellites. We consider to add some more payment systems. Good luck in advance!

Increase in payment rate – earn more with casino!

Attention, please! We have wonderful news for you!!! The payment percentage of profits from online casino is increased for all managers and those who are going to join us – now you get 40% instead of 33% as it was!

If you haven’t registered and got the casino for management yet, you should do it right now! Besides, “Action – selling casino for $1 instead of $10!!!” is still available, but hurry up, it will finish soon!

As well the partner program of webmaster attraction will be updated soon and you can get 10% from the profit of all webmasters you have attracted!!!

Stay with us!

The list of directories to add casino.

As you know from the article Free methods of casino promotion, your website can be added to
different directories. And if there are thousands of ordinary directories in the internet (to watch details and even order an addition to these directories you can, for example in a special category on, but the number of thematic directories (just casino directories or payment systems directories) is not high, and lists of such resources are published nowhere . Below, you will find the first variant of directory selection (totally 28) of different payment systems (e-gold, altergold, libertyreserve and etc.).

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Action – selling casino for $1 instead of $10!!!

We are starting new action. Now casino is not given for free, but we sell it for reduced price – only $1 for casino!!! You can buy it not only for yourself but for example you can buy it for present for your friend or with the purpose of reselling and following earnings!

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Free methods of casino promotion – part two

In article Free methods of casino promotion – part one we have discussed some strategies of casino promotion (or site) which absolutely do not need money deposit from you. That means they are available for everyone. In this article we hope to introduce one more strategy which is also free but it gives opportunity to earn some extra money!

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Free methods of casino promotion – part one

In this article we introduce some methods of casino promotion which absolutely do not need money deposit from you, but at the same time they are comparable or sometimes exceed in effectiveness methods of promotion required payments.

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Context-dependent ad to attract visitors

Context-dependent advertisement is one of the ways to attract PARTICULAR visitors to your site. For runet it’s Yandex.Direct, and for English sites it’s Google AdWords. Ad looks like a block with the content fitting the content of the site.

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