White label casino

White label casino is an online casino created by one company that can be promoted and rebranded as its own. Affiliate program GamblingBuilder gives its partners white label casino with the possibility of rebranding.

Possibilities of white label casino.

  • You can name your casino as you want and get a full working online casinos on the 2nd level domain like CoolBrandCasino.com.
  • You don’t promote affiliate links like SomeBrandCasino.com/?777, you promote separate domain that you invented. This is useful when you add links to directories or promote them on forums, blogs and social networks.
  • In games, white label casino will indicate the name of your particular casino, not the other one.
  • For a casino, you automatically get your affiliate program with 15% of the contributions you can promote as well.
  • You do not need to worry about a casino supporting. GamblingBuilder takes care of all technical work on the site. We also provide technical support for your casino players.

If you started thinking about the online casino creation, white label casino from Gambling Builder is a great opportunity to get casino on a separate domain. You just have to promote your casino on Internet. We write in our blog how to do it.
Do not spend much time and don’t waste your money to build a casino, start now by registering in our partnership program. Read promotion tips, invent your own ways of promotion and get profit!

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